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The Workman – Two Tone


Read The Sizing Instructions, Dammit!!

We can see you now, out there on the job site, headbanging to Slayer, your mullet hanging down to your shoulders, a big honking drill in one hand, a cold beer in the other and all your pants-wearing co-workers sweating their asses off and wondering how you got so damn cool.

The Workman was designed with the hard working man in mind. It comes in 12 oz. 100% cotton Duck cloth that feels just about tough enough to stop a nail gun. It features two exterior rear pockets and has two multi-chamber saddle pockets with room for all the nails, screws, tape measures, cell phones, wallets and beer bottles you could want.

The Workman’s also features “The Grip” retractable side hammer loop. This sturdy and adjustable loop can hold everything from a ballpein hammer to a DeWalt cordless drill no problem, and will keep even the biggest tool tight and secure all through your working day.

The Workman’s is sort of the mutant child of a Utilikilt and hardcore toolbelt.


  • Left side key clasp.
  • Nail pockets on top of sturdy cargo pockets
  • Top-to-bottom pleats keep the Workman’s hanging right all through your working day.
  • Big metal rivets at all pocket stress points keep your pockets tight and make your Utilikilt look that little bit more badass.
  • Circular (Form Follows Function) logo on the back right pocket with UTILIKILTS in big chunky block letters underneath.
  • Loop & Toggle Modesty closure system (closes the pleats up while still looking good)
  • Reinforced lap pleats
  • Wallet grip back pockets
  • Wicking cotton twill liner at  interior front apron, upper yokes and rear adjustable panel
  • WARNING - The Workman’s Kilt is a tough tool and a break-in period is required.  If you are not committed to the process, it may wear you down before you wear it in.

The Workman’s is a tough Utilikilt for tough folks with tough jobs. If you wear it to a desk job, everyone will know you’re overqualified.

5 reviews for The Workman - Two Tone

  1. d.bo (verified owner)

    A great, well-made kilt for the worker bee. This thing is heavy and tough. Will need some breaking in. Pockets are big and roomy and the extra tool loop and clip are handy as well. Looking forward to adding another to my collection.

    Note: the “caramel” is a couple shades darker than what it looks like on the website, which, to me, looks much better.

  2. acpittcraft

    The 2010 Workman was the 1st and best Utilikilt in my closet. Years in a cabinet shop, and regular weekend beatings on the house and back .40 & it’s still holding together. It’s gotten pretty ugly, hella staining & worn edges, but I’m prit near sure it’ll out live me. The only repair I’ve had to make is a reinforcement & riveting of the tape measure clip(looks like those went away on the new model ?) Well I put on a few, and it’s gotten a little snug, so I’m back for another.

  3. ecchappell

    Just an update on the denim Workman I bought a while back. It’s a fantastic kilt. The breaking period took longer than a Spartan but that was expected. It’s been a great addition to my collection. Even in South Florida it’s comfortable. Many comments and questions when I wear it. I wish there was a denim Spartan in the works. Thanks for the awesome product.

  4. kieshar

    I bought one of these a few years ago at Denver Comic Con. Black/Rust. Absolutely gorgeous and fantastic to wear. I started using it exclusively whenever I worked cons, prop construction or anytime I needed my wallet and keys VERY near without issue. Now I find that I want to replace all my shorts with just this. I get compliments on it all the time.

  5. Nicodemus Jordan

    Got one as a gift a few years ago. I wear it as often as possible (in Southern Germany).

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If you’re a 34 in Levis, you’re a 34 in Utilikilts. Done. 

If you haven’t put on a pair pants since 2004 and have been living under a rock since 2015, first of all: Welcome back!

We did away with the “Honest Inch” System awhile ago. Cool as it was, 95% of all returns were due to sizing issues. After the advent of the Switchback, our adjustability feature–made with Military Grade 2″ Velcro combined with a flexible shock cord ‘asset’ (like a corset for your ass)–Utilikilts are now sized within a range of inches, up to 15% of the waistband measurement so now you can wear it out before you grow out of it.

Still not clear? Wrap a tape around your beltline where you plan to wear your kilt.  No, not a metal tape measure, Silly. A seamstress tape.  What’s it say? Put that number in the middle of one of the size ranges below.  The number on your pants does not accurately reflect the measurement in INCHES around your beltline. And now you know.

Switchback Size Chart

Kilt SizeSmallestLargest
Size 3031″34.5″
Size 3233″37″
Size 3435″39.5″
Size 3637″42″
Size 3839″45″
Size 4042″48″
Size 4244.5″51″
Sizes 2X & 3X TBA TBA


What about the length of my Utilikilt*?


We make three standard lengths.

TLDR: Taller than 6’4″? you’re a 24.5… Shorter than 5’10”? You’re a 21.5…Everyone else? 23″. Done.


65″ up to 70″21.5″
70″ up to 74″23″
74″ up to 78″24.5″

If you are all torso walking on a pair of stumpy legs or the inverse of that, following our handy sizing instructions will get you right where you want to be. The best way to find your fit is by kneeling and measuring your side, from the top of your pants to the floor (like this). Don’t bend your torso while measuring, it skews the reading. You’ll need something stiff (a yardstick, you pervert!), a mirror, or the help of a friend. The waistband should sit on your hips where your pants normally ride. The hem should rest between the bottom and center of the kneecap.

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