The Beast



We are now taking orders for our Leather aka The Beast, Utilikilts. These kilts are hand cut individually and sewn to order!

The Beast is made of thick and heavy 3.5 oz. Motorcycle-Jacket grade leather. It’s the warmest, heaviest, most expensive, most amazingly badass, most go-to-a-bar-and-have-women-ask-to-touch-your-kilt garment we offer. This baby isn’t for the meek. The Beast is for real men. Big men. Men who aren’t afraid to wear large swaths of cow around their waists. Men who take secret pleasure in making vegans and bovine activists cry.

The Beast features two front pockets like a pair of jeans, and they are about as big as those found on the Mocker. Additionally, the Beast has two patch pockets on the back with the laser etched Utilikilts Trinity Logo. These pockets are flapless, fit tight against your ass, and work just like the back pockets on a pair of jeans.

Adjustability: The Beast features two adjustable ‘floating’ pleats, allowing you to tighten or loosen it up to 2.5 inches in either direction: that’s 5 inches overall! You can modify how tight the Beast is around your waist and butt and generally make it fit now matter how many beers or burritos you’ve gone through in a night.

Want in on this action? Give us a call and for the devilishly cool price of $666 you can look down at your pleather-wearing peers and scoff in their general nowhere-near-as-cool-as-you direction.


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