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The Leather


We are now taking orders for our Leather Utilikilts. These kilts are hand cut individually and sewn to order!

The Leather is made of thick and heavy 3.5 oz. Motorcycle-Jacket grade leather. It’s the warmest, heaviest, most expensive, most amazingly badass garment we offer. This baby isn’t for the meek. Only serious Utilikiltarians need apply.

The Leather features two front pockets like a pair of jeans, and they are about as big as those found on the Mocker. Additionally, it has two patch pockets on the back with a laser etched Utilikilts Trinity Logo. These pockets are flapless, fit tight against your ass, and work just like the back pockets on a pair of jeans.

Adjustability: The Leather features two adjustable ‘floating’ pleats, allowing you to tighten or loosen it up to 2.5 inches in either direction: that’s 5 inches overall! You can modify how tight it fits around your waist and butt to make it fit now matter how many beers or burritos you’ve gone through in a night.

Want in on this action? Give us a call and for $999 you can look down at your pleather-wearing peers and scoff in their general nowhere-near-as-cool-as-you direction.

7 reviews for The Leather

  1. IJKahn (verified owner)

    Bought my first Utilikilt a decade ago and have not worn pants since then. Have several in my rotation (day to day workhorses are two black Survivals) and long coveted the Leather. Decided it was time…could not be more pleased. As heavy and hard as my first leather jacket (cranky old punk), it is simply brilliant. And comfortable. And brutally cool. Now to fight the urge for a second and shifting to it for everyday use…

  2. inkerted (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing my Mocker for about 20 years now. After the first time I saw Joe “Photognome” Hunt, wearing his Leather, I have wanted one. I finally pulled the trigger, and I could not possibly be more pleased with this kilt. Comfortable, hefty, roomy, I could see wearing this in New Orleans in August or Chicago in February and being comfortable either way. Speaking of which, I live in Chicago, and we get lake breezes that taught me many years ago why it’s a good idea to walk with your hands at your sides on windy days, to prevent “Marilyn-ing” anyone unintentionally. That will NEVER happen with THIS gorgeous hunk of cowhide. This is the kilt other kilts seek out on a lonely mountain top for sage advice, or flee from in fear. This is The One Kilt to Kilt Them All, and to Utlili-bind them! Seriously, though. I LOVE this beautiful kilt. Handmade with pride, and it shows. I’ll be wearing this for decades to come.

  3. gayborg2

    Love, love, love my leather kilt. Love how it looks, and feels … it was like it was literally made for me. When my brother and I went to the utilikilt shop, I walked into the workshop, and the it was, laying on the table in front of me. It was love at first sight. A copper and black leather kilt. I bought it, along with a red kilt.

  4. jeremymcclain (verified owner)

    I >LOVE< this kilt! Sure, it's pricier than the others, but it feels fantastic and looks good too. It is considerably heavier than any other kilt I own, even my traditional wool kilt. It's so heavy I have to store it flat since the clips on kilt hangers aren't quite strong enough to hold it. The weight also requires a good tight cinch on my belt. That said, it's the weight that I love most. There's no need for a kilt pin to keep it down on breezy days. (The leather is so dense, I wouldn't try to pin it anyway.) The warm sensuousness of the leather against my thighs when seated is also a treat. I am glad I chose the Copper rather than Black. It has a more natural, undyed appeal like a well-worn bomber jacket. I'm hoping other colors (preferably undyed) will become available as more guys find out what a great kilt this is.

  5. gliderhd

    I have 2 UK’s, one in Denim and a Black Leather one. I love both! But now I am eyeing the Brown Leather UK. I work for Harley-Davidson in the Tampa/St Pete area. I get to wear them to work. Since it is usually warm in this area. I have worn both in 95+ heat with 100% humidity. These keep you and the boys cool. I went to my Holiday party in the Black Leather one, with a Black Jacket, white shirt and black tie. Long stockings and Black Studded Christian Louboutin’s shoes. Let’s just say it was a hit with all my coworkers. So, not only for daywear, but it transforms into a more formal look! If you’re thinking about getting one. Bite the bullet and DO IT! You won’t regret it! 🙂

  6. Walter Trachsler

    Damn. Deans review is spot on and exact. Literally. Not much else can be said. But fuckit..
    So a long time ago I was at the store buying a bunch of uk’s and one of them was black leather. Krash was checking me out (yeah) and asked if I was sure I wanted the black leather versus the brown leather. Now understand that at the time he had only made three or four of each color, and little did we know that none would be made again for a very very long time. Are you sure you want the black one? Yes I’m sure. I don’t know man, I think you’d like the brown one. No I’m sure I want the black one. Really? Just think about it. No dude I want the black one. Ok..
    So I’ve tried to buy one of every uk ever made. I’d say I have at least fifty. And I never had a second thought about the brown leather.
    Haha motherfucker.
    So ten years later or so I’m at the store buying some uk’s. And in walks you know who. And the fuckers wearing a brown leather. I swear to god I almost shit myself. Damn near fainted. It was old n beat up n wore the fuck out. And it was hands down the absolutely most badass fucking kilt you could ever imagine. I said HOLY SHIT! And he said I told you so man!
    If Badass is what you want, buy the brown leather. Wear that fucker out and walk with pride for the rest of your life.
    Rock n roll n brown leather motherfuckers!

  7. Dean Woodhouse

    I own a dozen Utilikilts including this bad boy. My leather kilt is now nearly eight years old and still looks like new. When it was made I asked how much leather went into it, trying to get an idea of how it compares to a 5 or 8 yard kilt – the answer was three hides. Seriously!

    This UK is built like a tank and you’ll notice the weight. If it’s windy out, wear this – there’s no chance it’s going to lift. Gale force winds, no problem. If you’ve got a leather biker jacket with the leather strings down the sides, this will make it look like a two piece suit!

    If you don’t like attention, then this really isn’t for you. You can’t walk down the street without someone noticing you, getting a photo, asking about it, complimenting about it. Asking where you got it. Travelling the world in this is a riot – put on a tall pair of Dr Martens boots, and nobody’s going to dare piss you off. The WTF look you get from ‘tough’ kids and customs control at the airport is priceless.

    Wipe off marks and treat it occasionally with a leather cleaning wipe – that’s it. Hang it up on some industrial wooden hanger for it to air out and store – something to source while you’re waiting on Krash to make your kilt. I have a wooden pants/skirt hanger that struggles to hold this on a hanger – you might need more than one.

    The only problem is, when you’ve got a leather Utilikilt, all the rest of your kilts will be jealous. If you want one of these, get one because you won’t regret it. You might regret that you don’t pay any attention to your other kilts that don’t measure up to this one.

    I now live in Scotland, and regularly get compliments. Cold and driech day out? Your lower half won’t feel the rain or the cold, while the rest of your body might well be soaked to the skin. You know you want one now… it’s a worthwhile investment.

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If you’re a 34 in Levis, you’re a 34 in Utilikilts. Done. 

If you haven’t put on a pair pants since 2004 and have been living under a rock since 2015, first of all: Welcome back!

We did away with the “Honest Inch” System awhile ago. Cool as it was, 95% of all returns were due to sizing issues. After the advent of the Switchback, our adjustability feature–made with Military Grade 2″ Velcro combined with a flexible shock cord ‘asset’ (like a corset for your ass)–Utilikilts are now sized within a range of inches, up to 15% of the waistband measurement so now you can wear it out before you grow out of it.

Still not clear? Wrap a tape around your beltline where you plan to wear your kilt.  No, not a metal tape measure, Silly. A seamstress tape.  What’s it say? Put that number in the middle of one of the size ranges below.  The number on your pants does not accurately reflect the measurement in INCHES around your beltline. And now you know.

Switchback Size Chart

Kilt SizeSmallestLargest
Size 3031″34.5″
Size 3233″37″
Size 3435″39.5″
Size 3637″42″
Size 3839″45″
Size 4042″48″
Size 4244.5″51″
Sizes 2X & 3X TBA TBA


What about the length of my Utilikilt*?


We make three standard lengths.

TLDR: Taller than 6’4″? you’re a 24.5… Shorter than 5’10”? You’re a 21.5…Everyone else? 23″. Done.


65″ up to 70″21.5″
70″ up to 74″23″
74″ up to 78″24.5″

If you are all torso walking on a pair of stumpy legs or the inverse of that, following our handy sizing instructions will get you right where you want to be. The best way to find your fit is by kneeling and measuring your side, from the top of your pants to the floor (like this). Don’t bend your torso while measuring, it skews the reading. You’ll need something stiff (a yardstick, you pervert!), a mirror, or the help of a friend. The waistband should sit on your hips where your pants normally ride. The hem should rest between the bottom and center of the kneecap.


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