S&D Well – Loved Vintage Survival – Basil 36/23

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This is one of our vintage models and is NOT adjustable. READ THE SIZING INFO BELLOW! Vintage models do not have the same sizing as our current line.

This particular model is in VERY well-loved condition, lots of holes, tears, rips and repaired spots. Its a Zombie Kilt! The detachable pockets, torn up as they may be, are still attched. The most notable damage is that the right hand hip pocket has a major tear, and the left one has a repair spot which cuts the pocket size in half. All snaps seem to be present and working.

Special Features: includes the standard removable pockets & snap clip.

Marked sizing: 36/NA
Actual Measurements: 37″ around. 23″ long
(Actual measuements are NOT pant sizes)

S&D kilts are used items, and may have flaws. We do our best to photograph any notable damages, but there may be other imperfections. All S&D sales are final with no exceptions.

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