Obviously 3″ Boxer Briefs



If you’re accustomed to going traditional under your kilt, but you’re heading to your kid’s wedding on the top of Mt. Washington, consider wearing these drawers.  It’s as close as you can come to freeballin’ while keeping your bits covered.  No need for re-adjusting, or doing the unstick shimmy.

Celebrate your Freedom while enjoying the support of the proprietary AnatoMAX anatomical pouch.  It provides maximum comfort, fit and performance while maintaining a natural downwards position and feel.

These shorts are made of the softest ever blend of bamboo, rayon, and lycra which means they are eco-friendly, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic.

The 3″ inseam is Best suited for someone with leaner thighs, otherwise they tend to ride up.

Care Instructions: Cold Gentle Machine Wash @ 30degC or less, No Bleach, Low Tumble Dry, Cool Iron, No Dry Cleaning. (Note: lights and darks can be mixed)

-While the colors wont run, please be careful what else you throw in the wash with your underwear as the fabric will absorb any colors which have run in the wash.

-It is important NOT to wash or tumble dry your underwear on a warm or hot temperature setting as the heat causes the elasticity of the fabric and the waistband to deteriorate leading to the underwear sagging and losing its shape.


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