Military Tube Socks (O Basic)



Military Tube Socks (O Basic) are just-higher than knee-high socks, with light ribbing at the very top, and room for a cuff if you choose that path. Or, you could be like our fearless leader and wear them slouched down with a pair of clogs. A quick note: these socks are thinner than the other socks we offer—if you’re looking for big thick burly socks, check out the Knee High Ribbed… otherwise, prepare to be a bit more gentle with these guys, okay? Fiber Content: 85% cotton, 15% spandex. Sock Dreams Label. Made in the United States.

Style Tips from Mr. Utilikilts: Generally, it’s excellent to match the color of your socks to the color of your kilt. Conversely, socks can match belts and shoes and contrast the color of the kilt. Earth tones– olive, tan, brown, and grey–generally go well with other earth tones. Black goes with everything. Black kilt, black socks, red belt and shoes. Know what I’m sayin’? Olive kilt, black belt, black shoes, and olive or black socks. See the trend here? And remember, match your shoes and your belt and you’re mostly home!


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