About Utilikilts


The Utilikilts Company, established April 2000, was originally founded in order to fund a global arts project involving seven double-decker buses that would travel the world, putting on an interactive road show of music, dance, video art, and drama, and leaving change in its wake.

The Utilikilt, a modern, casual kilt, was one of several designs implemented by Form Follows Function, an original design company, in order to raise money for this Arts project. However, the Utilikilt soon spawned the Utilikilts Company, and right before our eyes, this unique garment began to accomplish the goals that FFF had originally set out to promote, by becoming a growing social phenomenon, inspiring debate, consistently challenging the media, changing lives, and creating a common symbolism among its wearers.

Now, with customers all over the world, The Utilikilts Company continues to both pioneer and to follow the best examples it can find, in every area of running a socially responsible business.

We are committed to pioneering a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing “Men’s Unbifurcated Garments” (MUG’s). Our patented utility design reflects the company’s high standards and integrity. Utilikilts seeks to set a global example, defining “business with a conscience”, driving a worldwide paradigm shift toward a more conscientious form of capitalism, and channeling company gains and resources back into the community.

Mission Statement

  • The Utilikilts Company does not accept preconceived limitations as our own.
  • Utilikilts Company will only be represented by actual and proven Utilikiltarians.
  • Utilikilts Company does not pay for traditional advertising campaigns and does not product place. Utilikiltarians are our marketing investment.
  • The management of the company will not exploit cultures, peoples or environments to achieve capital gains.
  • The company will only grow, act, and react at the speed our customer base demands.
  • “Form Follows Function” is our modus operandi.
  • We welcome the ideas, resources and opinions of our customers and other like-minded business owners.

What is a “Business with a conscience?”

A business that is socially, environmentally, and economically responsible.
A business that seeks to influence others, thus influencing society as a whole.
A business where profits are not measured solely by the current bank balance, but also by how it impacts the societies it operates within.
A business that makes a vigilant effort to construct a profitable, sustainable, and transparent business class or corporation type having 7th generation values that will provide for the needs of all members in an egalitarian manner. Focused aspects of such an organization may include; a new definition of what is a livable wage and what is a maximum pay cap and may create a ratio between the lowest and highest wages.

Wanna make a difference in this world? Utilikilts may be hiring!

Are you ready to expand the term “FREEDOM”? Anyone who has ever interacted with a Utilikilts employee – on the phone, in person, at an event – knows we are different. We are ostentatious, outgoing, fun-loving, and our workplace reflects our outlook on life. Make no mistake… hard working comes with this territory! We use Macs. We wear kilts. We are in your face. And we are clearly having more fun than most other employers could ever fathom.
Every facet of our business requires excellent people. Tell us what you do! Tell us the shape of your peg, and we’ll see if we have a hole that fits it!
Now it is down to The Question: Can you do it? If you wear one of our kilts already, then you KNOW you can!
So send your resume via email to [email protected], and answer the question, “Pirate or Ninja?” Note: There is only ONE correct answer.
Utilikilts is always looking for a few good people. If you wear one of our kilts already, we know you are good people. If you have always wanted one of our kilts but just haven’t gotten it yet, well, you are so close….! So get in touch with us!

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