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Dennis Crane

Age : 59

When was your first Utilikilts purchase: 1/1/2006

Who are You?

 A simple person who likes to be subtle and not draw attention to myself. I like quality and comfort. Being red hair, blue eyes, and freckles as a kid, really traumatized me (oh yea, buck teeth). I was a portable punching bag, so I like to be a solo non-descript person so I don’t stand out.

Where do you call home? and What do you do?

The default world is Costa Mesa, California. My heart is on the playa at Black Rock Nevada. I work for a car / motorcycle manufacturer and have been in the industry since the nineteen hundreds. Actually over 25 years. I am part of a group responsible for shipping cars made in North America to our 80+ distributors around the globe.

Where have you been & where are you going? :

This year has been pretty tame. Went to Sao Paulo, Brasil for a week, which the Brazilian BBQ is freaking phenomenal. I’m a meat lover, and you cannot get any better this Brazilian BBQ. Also went to the Amazon, what a fascinating river to see. Did a week on Big Island visiting relatives and their killer nude beach there. Went to the Pocono’s for a friend’s wedding. Makes you love the big city once you get home from the country (a little too limited for my taste). Several trips to Mexico to shoot my short film for the HUMP film festival. Numerous wine tasting trips to stock up on wine to control my habit. Ok, you caught me, I’m the alcoholic who WONT remain anonymous. Lots of plans for next year, but I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging.

What are you?

A mutt, I’m an artist, surfer, naturist, car/motorcycle fanatic, and a corporate guy. I love art, so I have been know to play with crayons and usually I end up eating them. Actually I love working with copper sculptures. Yep, I’m a burner, my playa name is Naked Bird. Being on the playa is truly home for me. Surfing really forces you to respect Mother Nature and make sure we leave only footprints on this earth. I love being nude, so I started a non-profit organization which promotes naturism in Orange County, CA. We have over 800 members. I do the corporate day job, which is fun because I love cars and motorcycles which I get to work with and a new car every year. Kama Sutra expert…. Oh wait, that is a dream of mine, never mind.

What’s your poison, and are you buying the first round?

Wine and hell yea, we’re going to pop open a Saxum from Paso Robles.

What questions did we leave out?

How many kilts do you have and the number of days a year you wear them? 1. I am still in the starter kit mode, I only have 5 Utilikilts. 2. Every weekend of the year and then some, easily 150 days a year.

How are Utilikilts changing your world:

I wear them so often that they have become kinda a trademark for me. So there are lots of people who notice and you can tell they really want to wear one. I have had a few guys end up getting a Utilikilt, so I’m spreading the love of freedom. Funny because many times it’s their girlfriends who really want them in a kilt. Apparently I am leaving an impression on my community. If I’m wearing something else other than a kilt on the weekends, I get comments from people I don’t know asking where my kilt is.

One day I was wearing my Utilikilts and…

My wife and I were at a VIP Wine event in Paso Robles. While I was leaning against a couch talking to my wife and friends, a woman came up to me and lifted my kilt. That is not uncommon, so no big deal. Butt I noticed she tried to take a picture. Her camera failed so she walked away. It really happens so fast you don’t realize what just happened. Then she tried it again a second time and again her camera failed and she walked away. Remember were at a large wine event so there is about 100 people around and many saw her lift my kilt. So a few minutes passed and she struck for a third time and Bingo, her camera worked. She was very happy walking away and her husband said to me “you rock”. I’m glad to make someone happy.

“For someone who doesn’t like to draw attention to himself, you’ve sure got a lot to say, Dennis! We love it and now you have 6 Utilikilts! You can start decanting that wine now by the way…”


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