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When you bought your first Utilikilt:


Who are you?

I’m an entertainer. I build big things out of big wood. I’m a loving grandfather. I’m a Scottish man, proud and free.

What are you?

A simple man. But complicated. Like a kilt, I have many pleats.

Where do you call home and what do you do?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I build things. Sing to old people. Building an off grid village. Perform magic tricks.

What are you buying for the first round? :


How is your Utilikilt changing the world?

I’ve converted 12 men already! The clan is growing! Freedom!

Where or what event would you like to see Utilikilts at next?

At a medieval or Renn Faire!!

Where have you traveled?

Any future travel plans? I used to travel, but my globetrotting days are over.

One day I was wearing my Utilikilt* and…

Was buildingba pergola. I turned around on my ladder and saw three older ladies heads peeking over three seperate fences! Needless to say, they disappeared like prairie dogs!

What questions would you add?

Why did I buy a Utilikilt? I wasn’t a fan of the traditional kilt. I fell in love with the Workman kilt. My friend had bought it, then my brother bought the survivor. I wanted the Leather one. The main reason I bought it though, was because I have fucking awesome calves from my Scottish heritage, and I wanted to show them off! I wanted to show people that i was different! You can be different and cool too!


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