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Age: 34

What are you?

Utilikilt wearing gamer geek who can be found in his kilt at work, home, camp, volunteering: at camps, cider festivals, and Utilikilt booths if you’ll have me!

What do you do to pay the bills?

IT Support Analyst – Need a computer fixed? Yes, I do private PC work too.

Where have you been?

I’m a man who started my journey at 315 lbs. January 2011 I began my journey losing weight. With that journey, I started wearing kilts. I started with my very first: Khaki Survival 54”. In May 2011 I got to play around Mendenhall Glacier in my kilt, it was a blast turning heads in Alaska while in a kilt!

As I visited Seattle more often, thanks to Sounders games, I began visit Utilikilts regularly and checking what size I fit into “now”. In Dec ’11 I fit into a 46” kilt. By April ‘12 I was into a 44” and bought a Black Pinstripe Mocker. My Kilt became a staple at work and all Sounders games.

In May ’13 I found myself down to a 37” and end of June I was into a 36” and got myself a new Khaki Mocker. In March ’14 I found myself in a 33”. And at my lowest weight, 151 lbs, Jun ’14 found me at 32”. Sadly I stayed that low for only a month. In late ’14 I picked up a Black tie-dyed Workman & Grey Pinstripe 33”.

Where are you at?

I currently reside in Tacoma, WA, 160 lbs, still a big Sounders fan, & engaged. I wear my kilt to all games; help keep the banner at the march straight & wear my kilt at work as often as my boss allows (not nearly enough). I was blessed to meet a beautiful lady Jan ’14. We are now engaged, yes, I proposed in my kilt. With a goal to pick up a Survival before the new ones come out.

Where are you going?

Camping, hiking, war games, and far off lands! In July Becky & I are getting married where I, kilted, will whisk her off to foreign lands! I’m still going after my my goal of 150 lbs.

My best moment in a Kilt:

Proposing to Becky in January ’15 down in Depoe Bay, OR. We went and walked 4 different beach heads in Lincoln City looking for glass balls. Upon our return to the hotel I asked to help wash her feet. Where I washed her feat & proposed to her!

One day I was wearing my Utilikilt* and…

Back in May ’11 I was jumping up the brick wall in front of Mendenhall Glacier and a group of ladies cat called me asking what I had under, I hollered back I’d never tell, and they replied, “We were peeking.” I turned and gave them a coy look much to their delight.

During my daily walk I noticed a gal checking me out in the left turn lane. Every time I looked over she just kept watching me. By the time I had walked by her, her turn light went red, and she was blushing while I had a huge grin on my face.

How is your Utilikilt changing the world?

I’m showing my world of friends that you can be different and yet still do the same things w/out fear of being the standout. Wearing a kilt is just like being an extrovert; you always have someone to talk to. Some people comment, some stair, and some just get huge grins. You never have to worry about not having a friend or a good conversation when the kilt’s on!

What kind of beer are you buying for the first round?

A dark imperial stout at Pint Defiance and if that doesn’t trip your trigger they have a wide variety of beers on tap, 9, & a cider.

If a Utilikilt* representative came to your town, would you put them up?

Heck yes! I’ll have dinner on & Crown and Coke ready to serve. Only question is how do you like your Crown Royal: Deluxe, Black, 75 year anniversary, XR, Rye, Hand Picked, or Reserve?


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