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Dennis Crane

Age : 42 (The Answer)

When was your first Utilikilts purchase: 1/27/2013

Who are You?

Dustin grew up in the mountains of Western Oregon, earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and traveled the world (30+ countries) interested in learning simple truths and perspective from the beautiful tapestry of people’s life choices and circumstance. He built a career working for Honda doing Engineering and leadership (still his day job) – and after a decade living in the city moved to Parksland in July 2016. Knows how to make some things work – Learning many more. (Pet name: Hewhocan)

Where do you call home? and What do you do?

Living off Grid on my 40 acres surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. On a journey building a new life, home, and community. Also I have a side job as a Senior Staff Engineer for Honda Mfg of Alabama. Meh.

Where have you been? :

I have traveled. Some solo wanderings through, across and stirring about the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas, the U.K. (get it?), Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, U.A.E (Abu Dhabi, Dubai), Japan and Indonesia. I plan to travel wherever my kilt flippin’ boots decide to carry me.

One day I was wearing my Utilikilts and…

that was a good day.

What are you?

Kilt Human

What’s your poison, and are you buying the first round?

Bourbon. Makers, neat. Yes, Yes I am.

What questions did we leave out?

What are you wearing, a welding apron?

How are Utilikilts changing your world:

My Utilikilts help me be flexible. Be compassionate. Say exactly what I mean. Not script life. To know Integrity matters. That Love is abundant. To not sacrifice happiness. Own my own shit. Admit when I fuck up. Forgive others when they fuck up. Trust others and self Cherish and support others. Love more and be awesome.

” We didn’t know Utilikilts could do all THAT, but we’ll take it, Dustin! Thanks for bringing us along as you live your Truest, Wildest Life…And Congrats, you’ve won yourself some new pleats! “


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