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Gary A. Ferguson…..not “The” Ferguson aka Fergie

Age: 49

Where have you been?

5 continents in 6 months. North, Central and South America, Europe, Arica, Middle East and the Russias.

Where are you at?

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Who are you?

I am always “that” guy who answers to the call for shenanigans…

What are you?

Freelance theatre and film technician, ninja carpenter, pirate.

What do you do to pay the bills?

Controlled carnage and mayhem for entertainment purposes. Mostly…

One day I was wearing my Utilikilt* and…

I have two answers to this:

-Crossing the street in Paris FR, an elderly lady looked at me, stopped dead in her tracks, smiled and bowed to me. I returned the gesture.

-Walking through St. Petersburg RU, a city famous for its stern faces, a lady stopped me and in perfect English said “Scotland surrenders to nothing. Even a Russian winter.”

How is your Utilikilt changing the world?

Making the world a better, breezier place. One hemline at a time.

If a Utilikilt* representative came to your town, would you put them up?

Abso-fucking-lutely. Name the time and place.

What kind of beer are you buying for the first round?

Depends on where we are. I have favourites all over…

Where are you going?

Next gig: Seattle, WA -> Lisbon, Portugal -> Southampton, Salisbury, Bath, Bristol UK -> Bilbao, Madrid, Tenerife, Spain -> Ft. Lauderdale, FL

What question do you think this interview left out, and how would you have answered it?

What has been the most positive result from wearing a Utilikilt? Utilikilt has been the perfect ambassador through all my travels. Hundreds of people that normally never look at you sideways would approach me. No matter the language barrier, nationality, religious belief or background, we always departed with a smile and a warm wave goodbye.


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