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Scotland Noonan

Age : 39 (The Answer)

When was your first Utilikilts purchase: 4/20/2018

Who are You?

I’m a gamer, a hiker, a church goer, a Pokémon go player, a student, but most all I’m a wearer of Utilikilts. I currently have 6 kilts and 1 pair of pants. And those are for weedwackingthe lawn.

Where do you call home? and What do you do?

I call home the Pacific NW! Port Angeles WA. I used to call home Paradise CA, but unfortunately that place doesn’t exist anymore. So I’m here to stay. Currently I’m a student working on a cyber security degree at Peninsula college.

Where have you been? :

To about 40 of the states, all over CA. I’d love to go to my namesake Scotland someday when I can afford it.

What are you?

Happy to have finally found a style that fits me the best. I just have more confidence in a kilt… probably because of my sexy knees!

What’s your poison, and are you buying the first round?

What is your favorite of your Utilikilts? Currently I’m in love with the purple one, but I also like my church kilt!

What questions did we leave out?

I was asked to give a guest lecture to a class of new media students about building a brand that will be noticed.

How are Utilikilts changing your world:

They get me noticed and that gives me the confidence to take on anything.

“Scotland, you rock! From all of us, thank you for celebrating your Unbifurcated Freedom loud and proud, and a hearty Congratulations on your Graduation! Come on into the Store next time you’re in town and get yourself something new. You deserve it!”


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