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Where have you been?

To every great festival in the southern hemisphere.

Where are you at?

Brewing the world’s most ethical kombucha in Melbourne, Australia since 2007. In a kilt.

Where are you going?

Back to my warehouse with a bunch of mates. On second thoughts, I’m currently campaigning for a seat on my local council and my platform is emergency environmental action. It’s way too late to sit around shaking our heads at poor leadership at every level. I use every platform available to me to agitate for immediate and drastic measures to protect what’s left of our planet and her diversity.

What do you do to pay the bills? :

My stock in trade is Goodbrew Kombucha- a company I have built from scratch since commercial kombucha brewing was in its infancy, and now we stock Australia wide. Our booch is proudly the most ethical (and real) on the market- solar-brewed,100% organic and vegan, naturally carbonated and non-pasteurised. My brews are fully living agents of change, as am I.

Who are you?

that guy in the kilt… bringing brews on bikes to a park or festival near you.

What are you?

I’m an ever evolving entrepreneurial eco activist.

If a Utilikilt representative came to your town, would you put them up?

Most definitely, there’s a spare room and a spare tent in my warehouse.

What kind of beer are you buying for the first round?

I’ll shout you a tasting session of all my favourite locally crafted pale ales.

How are Utilikilts changing your world:

well I’ve been in a kilt for a decade now, and it’s part of what has made me such a distinct (some might say infamous) feature of Melbourne’s party scene. I’ve never been one to follow the rules, on the contrary, I take great delight in doing whatever the f**k I want. And what I want is to inspire others to become more passionate, fun, adventurous, loving, sustainable and resilient, to go beyond the bullshit confines that Corporatocracy places on us all.

One day I was wearing my Utilikilts and…

I had a very intimate and confronting moment with a fellow plumber. I was riding south on Sydney Rd a steep drop in towards the CBD (Central Business District).. As I reached peak momentum, I locked eyes with a plumber who was coming the other direction in a ute (utility vehicle – pickup), we appreciated each others rigs/profession just as the brew trike (see pics from 2007 & 2010) got the wobbles. I’m shaking all over the place, my kilt flies up, there is absolutely no way I can make a free hand available to hold the kilt down (should have engaged the modesty clip) and my junk was up and out and firmly placed in the middle of our eye based chat. I dared not lose eye contact with him and him neither. It’s a weird guy thing but I’ll never forget that interaction.


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