American made Utility Kilts for everyday wear.

An Alternative To Trousers…

The Mocker

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The Spartan

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The Workman

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The Survival

Utilikilts Survival

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Limited Edition Kilts

Utilikilts Beast Leather

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About Utilikilts


We are committed to pioneering a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing “Men’s Unbifurcated Garments” (MUG’s). Our patented utility design reflects the company’s high standards and integrity. Utilikilts seeks to set a global example, defining “business with a conscience”, driving a worldwide paradigm shift toward a more conscientious form of capitalism, and channeling company gains and resources back into the community.

Well, well, well! Would you look at that! It's Chris Gullick and The Utilikilt Beast starring in a Music Video. https://youtu.be/spvlkpjJNtw
Glass Helix is their name, NUmetal (their choice, not mine) is their game.

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Greetings Dear Utiliclan! You haven't heard much from us for many months. Like it has for all of you, this year has been a doozy for us, and we are finally able to share publicly some of the challenges and changes we've faced recently.
For those who don't know, last May, the Utilikilts Flagship Storefront suffered a Flood of Biblical Proportions when one of the tenants in the building above us set off the sprinkler system in the middle of the night. By the time Krash was alerted and arrived on the scene, it had been raining down into the store for hours.

We lost sewing machines, hundreds of yards of fabric, much of our inventory, and all of our electronics to the deluge. Ultimately the whole space became unsafe, uninhabitable and impossible to work in.  So, we made the bittersweet decision to relinquish our cherished store and move operations, with everything else that survived, to our Admin Office.

This set up has worked out just fine for the past few months; and of course we are grateful to remain busy when many other businesses have not survived this year. But it's just not quite the same... 

Our store was a destination for many, and an unforgettable experience to those just wandering in. It was our greatest joy to welcome you with open arms and a fridge full of cold beer. And, while we have enjoyed the slower pace that came from scaling back and not pouring all our energy into a brick and mortar, we think Utilikilts and our customers deserve to have a Real Store Experience again.

So we have been on the lookout for a new place to hang our kilts. And now - fingers crossed - we are this close to securing a new location. We won't say where yet, and we will keep things running as usual from the Warehouse while we renovate, but we believe this new place could be a fortress for our company and the vision we hold dear for another 20 years to come.

Now here’s the good part for you. Because the store has been closed to foot traffic and an entire year's worth of of events was cancelled, we are sitting on an

Wishing everyone a safe and spoooooky Halloween! How will your costume include your Utilikilts this year?

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